Research strategy

PERSPECTIVE’s research themes aim at increasing knowledge in the fields of economic and social development and sustainable growth.

Our vision is based on the founding principle that development is enabled by the combination of general progress gained in different sectors. Our interventions apply to both experimental and theoretical research, with the common objective of producing new knowledge based on observable phenomena and facts, in all of these sectors.

To implement these interventions, numerous experiences capitalised on within SOFRECO are studied, and a great many comparative studies between countries are conducted. Our Group has set up a research coordination committee, which ensures our policy steering and the development of our projects.

Our ambition also leads us to mutually enrich our approaches with renowned research centres and institutes in the public and private spheres. Our recruitment policy stresses the necessity of developing our research component, and we promote our internal skills in this field.

Our teams are available on demand to carry out research activities for our external partners. For PERSPECTIVE as well as for SOFRECO and Conseil Santé, investing in research interventions guarantees the progress of our performance and the constant improvement of the quality of our services. 
Our research sectors:
Governance and public management

Public finance

Health and social development

Education and vocational training



Agribusiness, industry and mining

Energy and infrastructure
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