Perspective Institute Values

The Perspective Institute combines several assets to propose quality training sessions
On the one hand, the Institute’s team capitalises on our experience and uses to advantage the know-gained by SOFRECO over more than 30 years of experience in various sectors. 

On the other hand, our research strategy aims for the advancement of international knowledge in the field of economic and social development. It also contributes to strengthening the quality of our methodologies and the management of our projects. 

Finally, our proven capacity in the field of training engineering enables us to use these assets to create an innovative training offer targeting development professionals. 

Our research policy aims above all for excellence in the implementation of our interventions. Our research activities are part of our contribution to the progress of international knowledge for sustainable economic and social development. They are conducted through collaboration between the services of the Perspective Institute, the departments of SOFRECO and Conseil Santé, and recognised public and private research bodies.
The capacity building of states and public and private organisations cannot be improvised. Our method is known by our clients; we propose and validate it with them. The training design and production phases are studied carefully, following an effective project cycle. 
More than thirty years of experience have enabled us to build up exceptional experience throughout the world. We are fully familiar with all the sectors in which we act. An experienced expert is named for each sector to consolidate the quality of our action.
Public finance
Public management
Agriculture, agribusiness and sustainable development
Private sector
Energie and mining
Education and vocational training
European affairs
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