Perspective Institute

PERSPECTIVE is SOFRECO’s new Training and Research Institute.

It is founded on more than 30 years’ experience gained in numerous sectors of economic and social development.  The expertise we capitalise on, our will to further international research in our specialised fields and our training engineering skills are keys to success that we intend to make prosper.

The main lines of PERSPECTIVE’s research development focus on methods and knowledge commonly useful for the advancement of projects for economic and social development, and sustainable growth. PERSPECTIVE implements and develops its research in sectors ranging from the economy to the environment, agriculture, health, education and training, private sector development, etc. This research is based on experience capitalised on within SOFRECO, and is enabled by the work of our certified researchers and research-consultants via a recruitment policy deliberately geared towards research, through partnerships set up with public and private research institutes, using tried and tested scientific methodologies. 

We also intend to make this work bear fruit through training for executives from the national and international public and private spheres. Our perspective is to propose training in specialised fields working for international development, in the various main international languages. Our working experience in multi-cultural environments allows us to do so with quality. Assisting capacity building is the cornerstone of our strategy and all of our training modules are led in a spirit of change assistance.

Our institute is based in Paris, in well-equipped, pleasant premises. This situation allows us to receive trainees suitably, along with the best international trainers, and to offer the institutional, economic and scientific assets of one of the major European capitals. 

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