Training engineering

PERSPECTIVE’s conception of training engineering concerns the full range of comprehensive methodological approaches applying to the design of all or part of the training mechanisms to efficiently meet the beneficiaries’ expectations.

PERSPECTIVE has adopted a process control approach to ensure quality management aiming to ensure the beneficiaries’ satisfaction. This approach aims to guarantee efficient services by constantly analysing the valued added at each key step of the training project.

PERSPECTIVE can accompany the beneficiaries who so desire in the formulation of a project, including analysis of the issue at hand, the capacity building needs, diagnosis of the mechanisms, design of the training project, the financial and material resources to be implemented, and coordination and control of the skills transfer in the country’s socioeconomic context.
Demand management process:
Clarification and validation of the expected results, impacts, the transferability of practises, and sustainability of the skills gained.
Training implementation process:
Capacity building pedagogical activities through training cycles that lead to qualifications. 
Process for the management of the skills acquired:
Life-long individual professional training path through the certification of the training  modules. 
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