Good practices

Develop a participative approach
The participative approach is not an end in itself, but a methodological process aiming to change how all the participants perceive their roles in the management of a problem or issue (states, technical services, populations, etc.) and to suggest a way of sharing responsibilities between the different partners. It means learning new intervention methods based on listening, dialogue, exchanging information and knowledge, commitment and mutual respect. 
Act according to international conventions and procedures 
Knowledge of and compliance with international conventions and funding agencies’ procedures enables the acceleration of project implementation and of states’ economic and social development.
Remain at the service of the beneficiaries and funding agencies
We commit to staying tuned into the beneficiary countries' and funding agencies’ and  concerns and challenges, to transferring our best experience and providing them with advisory services and support in compliance with Declaration of Paris principles. 
Build capacity
We attach great importance to capacity building, relating to the processes by which individuals, organisations and society as a whole release, create, strengthen, adapt and maintain capacities over time. Capacity refers to the ability of people, organisations, and society as a whole to manage their affairs successfully (OECD).
Capitalise on experience
Offering high quality training courses means capitalising on experience. We use SOFRECO’s projects as a basis to gather all our methods and results and transform them into knowledge that can be used for our training and research. 
Ensure quality control
Our training courses fully satisfy quality standards. Our course leaders, as expert-trainers in SOFRECO’s projects, are recognised in developed and developing countries, and our courses involve recognised academics and researchers. We accompany the beneficiaries at their different hierarchical levels and ensure follow-up on the field through the projects being implemented in various countries.
Promote research 
In the context of the globalisation of knowledge, research is emerging as a key prerequisite for development. In this perspective, we are developing several fields of research at the company’s head office and alongside our projects on the field.
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